Music by Krzysztof Jeżewski

A new edition of Krzysztof Jeżewski's Music, alongside paintings by Michał Józefowicz


Written by Krzysztof Andrzej Jeżewski
Translated by Patrick John Corness
Published by Anima Poetry Press
Publication date: March 2017
ISBN 978-0993596629
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Music consists of a cycle of 64 poems—“a mystical quest for God through music”. There is an introductory essay by Krzysztof Jeżewski, whose work has had relatively little exposure in the UK. Alongside the poems are paintings by Michał Józefowicz. The English translation by award-winning translator Patrick Corness is a beautiful transposition of the text, capturing the musicality and spirituality of the original.

“ music itself not in fact a kind of contemplation of the eternal enigma, expressed through sound, an enigma equivalent to Eternal Beauty?”

Krzysztof Jeżewski is the recipient of numerous awards: the Karol Szymanowski medal, the ZAiKS (Society of Polish Authors) award, the Konstanty A. Jeleński award conferred by the Paris literary journal Kultura (Culture) and the Polish PEN-Club award.

Patrick Corness is an award winning literary translator. He is visiting Professor of Translation at Coventry University and Honorary Research ­Fellow at the University of Leeds.

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