Polska, 1994 by Isla McKetta

A coming-of-age-behind-the-Iron-Curtain story



Polska, 1994
By Isla McKetta
Published by Editions Checkpointed
Publishing date: 22 May 2014
ISBN: 979-10-93381-02-2
Format: Kindle/EPUB
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Structured around the nocturnes of Chopin and the poetry of Milosz, Polska, 1994 is a powerful coming-of-age story set in post-communist Poland. Living in a town that feels desperately too small, Magda longs for her past and fights against the many secrets surrounding her family. Why did the secret police interrupt her brother's birthday thirteen years ago? Is truth always desirable?

Polska, 1994 explores oppression with a moving intensity and remains a vibrant homage to the depth of Polish cultural heritage. Between seventeen-year-old Magda and the Iron Curtain, who will emerge as the victor of this quest?

Your story is part detective story, with Magda trying to piece together the story of her mother and also to disentangle the history of Poland in ’81 (when there had been street riots and rubber bullets, and tear gas) from her family’s history.
-- Roxana Arama, Rewriting History (full interview available here)

Isla McKetta
became interested in oppression as a child living in Pinochet's Chile, and a year spent in Poland after the Cold War led her to pursue undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Sociology. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Goddard College and worked in various capacities for the literary magazines Pitkin Review and Farfelu. Isla speaks several languages and lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington (USA). She co-authored Clear Out the Static in Your Attic: A Writer's Guide for Turning Artifacts into Art from Write Bloody Publications in 2014. Isla reviews books at A Geography of Reading and is on the board of Richard Hugo House. She can be reached on her blog and social network (Twitter: @islaisreading).

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