Flying Between Words

Contemporary Writers of Poland: on aviation



Flying Between Words
Edited by Anna Maria Mickiewicz and Danuta Blaszak
Published by Dreammee Little City Publisher, March 2015
Series: Contemporary Writers of Poland
ISBN 9781312871625
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This new volume Flying Between Words published by the Contemporary Writers of Poland is a unique anthology including a collection of poems, short stories and memoirs, dedicated to aviation.

The writers try to go beyond the stratosphere, to look through the eyes of poetry – as pilots, as navigators. They approach alien planets that may evoke our fears but also allow us to question the mundane and ponder our existence. They go into a state of poetic weightlessness, which becomes a unique creative challenge. Many of the works in the collection refer to dramatic moments from history, in which – inspired by universal values – aviators played a significant and heroic role.

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