UK Premiere Screening - A Man Came and Took Her


February 25, 7 pm
13 Norfolk Place
London W2 1QJ
Tickets: £10 or £8 early booking (£5 Concessions - Student & Seniors)
T: 020 7479 8960
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Followed by a Q&A with Director Jędrzej Niestrój                   

When eight-year-old Ola seemingly vanishes the disappearance shakes her tiny rural village in Poland. A thoroughly compelling and shocking crime documentary, A Man Came and Took Her is an unbelievable whodunnit with a level of suspense reminiscent of Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s The Staircase.

Gossip is rife and everyone has a theory as to what happened. Ola’s mother Dorota turns detective and tries desperately to figure out what happened to her daughter.

From psychics, to tarot card readers and crystal healers, Dorota embarks on a search to find clues as to whether Ola is alive. Finding some solace in her friends and neighbours, there is an ever-present doubt as to their possible involvement and out of  fear she begins to blame her husband, Ola’s father.

When it appears that there are no answers to be found the story takes a shocking twist and a huge revelation throws everyone’s trust and belief into doubt.

Filmmakers Jedrzej Niestrój and Rafał Przybył have crafted this story expertly and with each new revelation you are left to try and piece together the mystery yourself. Devoid of any sensationalism the entirely observational style allows you to see all angles of this complicated and disturbing story which grips you from beginning to end

Directed by Jedrzej Niestrój and Rafał Przybył
80 mins

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