The Third Part of the Night, Mother Joanna of Angels and Lodz Film School Showcase at the Leeds Film Festival



4 – 22 November 2009

Third Part of the Night
Thur, 5 Nov at 6.30pm At Howard Assembly Room 46 New Briggate Leeds LS1 6NU
Tickets: £6.50 / £5 Box Office: 01132439999

Third Part of the Night
Dir. Andrzej Żuławski
An underground classic and one of the greatest Polish films of the 1970s, The Third Part of the Night is the debut of Andrzej Żuławski, one of the true mavericks of European cinema. Set during the Nazi occupation of Lwow, it is no ordinary war film, combining nightmarish surrealist imagery with multilayered symbolism including bizarre factual scenarios, such as the resistance movement initiated in the University by volunteer ‘lice feeders’ taking part in a medical experiment to test cholera vaccines.

Mother Joanna of Angels
Fri, 6 Nov at 8.30pm At Howard Assembly Room

Mother Joanna of Angels
Dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz
An underground Polish classic, Mother Joan of Angels is an adaptation of the same story that inspired Ken Russell’s The Devils, although stylistically it could hardly be more different. Loudon, France. 1634. A young priest is summoned to perform an exorcism in a Ursuline convent where all the nuns are supposedly possessed by demons and evil spirits. Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s film is spare and beautifully composed visually, patiently unfolding a profoundly disturbing exploration of faith, repression, fanaticism, and eros.

Łódz Film School Part 1
Wed 11 Nov at 3pm At The Carriageworks 2 Millennium Square Leeds LS2 3AD
Tickets: £5 / £4 Box office: 01132243801  

Wajda, Munk, Polanski, Skolimowski and Kieslowski are among the many great Polish filmmakers trained at the world-renowned National Film School of Łódź. Short Film City 2009 presents two programmes of the best shorts to have emerged from the school in the last few years. In the delicate drama Dragonflies, young Tola falls in love with the wrong guy. In Refuge City, a difficult man finds his release valve in being a football hooligan. The abused Bartek finds a friend in an abandoned dog in A Man Thing.

Łódz Film School Part 2
Thur, 12 Nov at 1pm At Carriageworks 2

The second programme of films from the National Film School of Łódź features light animations and profound dramas. The comic adventures of an exhibitionist fly are at the heart of the animated A Film with No Flies On. The reactions of the reserved and introspective Piotr to his wife’s near death characterise the visually stunning black and white Tristis. The unannounced visit of her father reveals all the fragilities of the apparently strong and independent Magda in Nice to See You.

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