Showcase of Polish Short Films

Part of the Polish Arts Festival 2011


'Danny Boy'

Friday 2 September 7pm
East 15 Acting School
Clifftown Theatre & Studios
Nelson Street
Southend on Sea, SS1 1EF

The Scar (Blizna) • dir. Maciek Szupica, Maciek Salamon. Animation, Music Video 2009 • 3 min • Music Video for Kings of Caramel

The Wedding (Ślub) • dir. Maciek Salamon. Animation 2009 • 3 min
A happily married bride wakes up in the morning…

Clash (Zgrzyt) • dir. Anna Cywińska, Animation. 2009 • 8 min
Metaphorical story about the lack of fulfillment and eternal pursuit of a better unknown world.

Orchises Fair (Kiermasz Storczyków) • dir. Natalia Dziedzic. Animation 2010 • 9 min • Zone Europa Best Polish Movie Award - Sopot Film Festival 2010

Dead Man’s Coughing (Kaszel Umarlaka) • dir. Krzysztof Borówka. Fiction, 2009 • 23 min • Best Short Movie Award – Sopot Film Festival 2010

MC. Man Of Vinyl (MC. Człowiek z Winylu) • dir. Bartosz Warwas. Comedy, 2010 • 20 min • The little known story of the life of one man without whom the Berlin Wall would have not have fallen and the Iron Curtain would not have disappeared.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Room (Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba się bać) • dir. Kuba Czekaj. Drama, 2009 • 35min • A tale about the all-embracing love an 11 year old girl has for her father.

Animated History of Poland (Animowana historia Polski) • dir. Tomek Baginski 2010 Poland 7 min • Over a thousand years of Polish history told in 7 mins. Selected for Academy Awards © 2011: Best Animated Short

Out of Reach (Poza zasięgiem) • dir. Pawel Stożek 2010 Poland 30 min
Klaudia and Karolina raised without a mother learn to be more responsible and independent than other teenagers. •  Sundance Film Festival 2011 • Best Short Documentary at DOCSDF, Mexico, 2010

Millhaven • dir. Bartosz Kulas 2009 Poland 7 min
Loretta is the teenage heroine of a dark ballad who becomes aware that everything leads to death. Written by Nick Cave and boldly interpreted by Katarzyna Groniec - "Polish Edith Piaf".

For A Heartful Of Pears (Za czapkę gruszek)
• dir. Dominika Montean 2010 Poland 17 min • Three retired professional ice hockey players return to train a group of eight year olds.

Inventory (Inwentaryzacja) • dir. Paweł Łoziński 2010 Poland 9 min • A beautiful metaphoric story about searching for the traces of the Jewish presence in Warsaw.

Danny Boy dir. Marek Skrobecki 2010 Poland 10 min
Danny Boy is a young man on the streets of an anonymous city. And he is different. • Selected for the Academy Awards© 2011: Best Animated Short

The screening is part of the Polish Arts Festival 2011, produced by Hungry Arts and supported by the Polish Cultural Institute in London

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