Polish movie superstar Pola Negri in “Mania. The history of a cigarette factory worker”

World tour of digitally reconstructed silent masterpiece with live music.


13 October 2011,
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London, EC2Y 8DS

The screenings of the long lost silent movie “Mania. The history of a cigarette factory worker” (1918) with the legendary Polish actress – Pola Negri (Barbara Apolonia Chałupiec) will be performed in 6 European capitals including Warsaw, Paris, Madrid, London, Kiev and Berlin. The music for the movie, composed especially to mark this occasion, will be performed live by the Wrocław Chamber Orchestra Leopoldinum, conducted by the famous Polish film composer – Jerzy Maksymiuk.

The film tells a story of a great love of Mania, a cigarette factory worker, to a talented composer Hans – a love originating from the girl’s fascination with music, love strong enough to make her capable of the greatest of sacrifices. Mania’s beauty and enthralling dance incite passion in an art patron Morelli, who wants to make her his mistress. In return he promises to put Hans’ new opera on stage. Faced with a difficult choice, Mania decides to help her love make his dream come true, a choice that leads to a tragic finale.

The discovery, digital reconstruction (in advanced 4K technology) and presenting the movie from the beginnings of cinematography to European audiences is an example of Polish involvement in one of the more important tasks of united Europe, which is the protection of our cultural heritage. The movie itself is a great example of European cooperation – it was produced in Germany, the lead was a Polish actress and the director was a Hungarian – Eugen Illes. We hope that by combining different forms of artistic expression we can offer both the music and movie lovers a unique event promoting Poland and its culture.

The project is produced by Filmoteka Narodowa as part of the Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency. Supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the republic of Poland and Polish cultural Institute in London.

For more information on film, please visit: www.maniafilm.pl

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