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Sweet Rush, The Story of Missing Car, Don't Look Back and Chick Sweet Rush screenings:
Sun 25 at 6.45pm at the Vue Cinema Screen 9
Tue 27 at 1.15pm at the Vue Cinema Screen 7
Wed 28 at 6.15pm at the Rich Mix Cinema
Screen 1 The Story of Missing Car Screened as part of People Are Strange Sun 18 at 2pm at NFT3



Don't Look Back

Screened as part of Landscape as Character

Mon 26 at 6.30pm at NFT3

Tue 27 at 4.15pm at NFT3


Dir. Michal Socha, 

Screened as part of A Thing Called Love

Thu 15 at 6.30pm at NFT3

Fri 16 at 4.15pm at NFT3

Vue Cinema
3 Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square 

London WC2H 7AL


Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road

London E1 6LA



Belvedere Road, South Bank

London SE!


Sweet Rush

Dir. Andrzej Wajda

A subtle, multi-layered film combining fiction, real-life narrative and an exploration of film-making itself, from veteran director Andrzej Wajda. 

A beautiful but melancholy middle-aged woman, Marta (Krystyna Janda), the wife of a small town doctor, is unaware that she is suffering from a terminal illness. She meets a much younger man, Bogus(Pawel Szajda), and is drawn to his youth and lack of complication. He is equally fascinated by her, and they enjoy a series of innocent meetings by the shores of the river, overgrown with the sweet rushes which give the film its title. But fate plays a cruel trick, and their relationship ends in tragedy. This is just the first layer of Wajda's subtle and beautifully realised film, his fourth adaptation of a story by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz. A second layer is self-referential, a film about about the making of the film; and a third is provided by Krystyna Janda, who appeared in several of his previous films including Man of Marble and Man of Iron. During filming she was dealing with the premature death of her husband, the acclaimed cinematographer Edward Klosinki, and Wajda intertwines the fictional story with her real-life monologues grieving his passing. These powerful scenes draw the actress and her character close, both mourning the transitory nature of life, but doing so to poignant rather than sombre effect.

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