Marie Curie - the Courage of Knowledge

Film screening in Cine Lumiere followed by a Q&A with director Marie Noëlle


7-30 November
Cine Lumiere
17 Queensberry Place
London SW7 2DT

Marie Curie - the Courage of Knowledge
Dir. Marie Noelle, Germany/France/Poland 2016, 95min

Marie Curie was a brilliant scientist. Her fascinating biography is the stuff of legend. This remarkable woman discovered radium, this making a considerable contribution toward humanity’s fight against cancer. She would be the first female professor at the Sorbonne, first female Nobel Prize winner in physics and up to today the only woman who received two Nobel Prizes in two different categories but she was not allowed to live out her feelings. Her passionate pursuit of science won her great acclaim, but her public perception is limited to that of just one of the figures in a Pantheon of geniuses. That’s what you mostly learn in the many documentaries that are regularly made about her.

For film’s screenplay producers (P’artisan Filmproduktion, Pokromski Studio & Glory Film), primarily worked with original documents: diaries of Marie Curie, letters, laboratory reports, newspapers of the time, etc. On the scientific side, they also got the support of experienced and venerable members of the French Academy of Sciences and were lucky to find original instruments of the time to fully reconstructed Curie laboratory which is one of the main location of the movie – the place where Marie lives her passion.

After an extensive search in three countries, director (Marie Noelle) was able to find a great cast and especially Polish actor – Karolina Gruszka for the leading role, who incorporates Marie Curie with a marvellous mixture of strength and tenderness.

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