Leeds Film Festival presents Polish Films

"All That I Love", dir. Jacek Borcuch

"Erratum", dor. Marek Lechki

All That I Love
Tuesday 9 November, 4pm
Wednesday 10 November, 8.20pm
Thursday 18 November, 8.45 pm
Leeds Town Hall 1
The Headrow,
Leeds LS1 3AD
Tickets: £6.50 / £5.00
Box Office: 0113 2243801
Book Online: www.leedsfilm.com

Dir. Jacek Borcuch

Poland/ 2010/ 91 min/ In Polish with English Subtitles

Set in Poland in the early ‘80s, this is a beautiful film about love, rebellion and coming of age. Janek, 18, is the lead singer in a punk band and Basia is the girl he falls for. But when her socialist father is arrested by the police, she wants nothing more to do with Janek, whose father is part of the oppressive regime that imprisoned him. Struggling with his own growing rebellious spirit and the duties of being a son, Janek makes a decision with huge implications for the people he loves. But his father sees a spark in Janek that also lies deep within himself…

Saturday 13 November, 6pm
Sunday 14 November, 3.30pm
Tuesday 18 November, 6.45pm
Vue Cinema in the Light (Vue 1)
22 The Light, The Headrow,
Leeds LS1 8TL,
Tickets: £6.50 / £5.00
Box Office: 0113 2243801
Book Online: www.leedsfilm.com

Dir. Marek Lechki

Poland/ 2010/ 90 min/ In Polish with English Subtitles

An impressive Polish feature debut which is totally engaging and immersive, from a director to watch. Michał, 34, is leading a prosperous life with his young family. Sent on a job to his hometown which he never visits, and stranded there by a freak (and mysterious) accident, he’s forced to face people from his past who he left behind – including his previous best friend and his estranged father – and has to journey back into his memories to move forward in his life. An utterly intriguing and moving story that is emotional yet never melodramatic, and one which everyone will be able to relate to, Erratum is new Polish filmmaking at its very best.


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