Krzysztof Zanussi's retrospective in London

Six masterpieces of one of the most prolific and thought-provoking director screened July weekend


Friday 12th July - Sunday 14th July 2013

Devonia Parish Church
2 Devonia Road
Islington, London N1 8JJ

nearest underground station: Angel

Tickets: £10 per session (two films) or £25 for the whole weekend (six films)                                                                    

Friday, 12th July, 8pm

Structure of Crystal (Struktura kryształu, 1969, 74 min). 
Zanussi’s debut feature film.  Jan and Marek have been friends since studying together, but since then went their separate ways. Marek has chosen a high-flying life of a successful, career-orientated scientist while Jan lives a quiet, seemingly uneventful life in the countryside with his family. The film is a confrontation of different attitudes and goals in life, and life choices we all have to make. 

Illumination (Iluminacja, 1973, 84 min).  A young physicist tries to understand the meaning of life and his place in the Universe by giving up his career and undertaking a series of spiritual journeys. The film is a cinematic mosaic combining art with interviews with real-life scientists and philosophers.  The film won all three main prizes at the 1973 Locarno International Film Festival.                                                   

Saturday, 13th July, 8pm

The Quarterly Balance Sheet  (Bilans kwartalny, 1975, 91 min).
Marta, a middle-aged mum juggles a demanding but unfulfilling job with family life when an accidental meeting with her old friend Jacek makes her to realize how routine and predictable her life has become. She yearns for adventure and excitement in her life, but is also aware of the value of the love and stability the family unit offers her.

A Year of the Quiet Sun (Rok spokojnego słońca, 1984, 106 min)
Amid the devastation of 1946 Poland, an American soldier Norman (Scott Wilson) forms a fragile friendship with a middle-aged war widow Emilia. In spite of the language barrier, painful memories of their past and the many cultural divisions that separate them, Norman and Emilia slowly fall in love. But will they have the courage to change their lives to follow their dreams and the promise of a better life?                                                             

Sunday, 14th July, 8pm   

The Silent Touch (Dotknięcie Ręki, 1992, 93 min).
A-world famous composer Henry Kesdi (Max von Sydow), now in his seventies, has not written any music in over forty years, since the death of his first wife in the Holocaust.  A young music student Stefan is troubled by recurring dream about the tune that might has been composed by Kesdi.  He meets up with the old composer and convinces him to start writing music again. Kesdi composes the symphony that becomes the oeuvre of his life, but the whole process is marred by his acts of selfishness, betrayal and amorality. Can a creation of a great work of art redeem and justify how we behave and treat other people?

Persona Non Grata, 2004, (112 min)
Wiktor, the Polish ambassador in Uruguay is mourning the sudden death of his beloved wife. When in Poland, he meets up with Oleg, a Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and his friend of 20 years, from when Wiktor was an activist in the political underground and Oleg was beginning a career as a Soviet diplomat in Poland. But Wiktor suspects that in reality Oleg tried to infiltrate the Polish underground and was his wife's lover.  

Organisers This Part of Europe would like to thank Devonia Parish Church for their kind assistance in organizing this event.  All film screenings have been approved by TOR film production company, the owner of the copyrights. 

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