Hello I Am David!

A documentary about Shine pianist David Helfgott


11 October 2018, 7.30pm

Jazz Cafe Posk

238-246 King Street

London W6 0RF 

After the Oscar-winning film SHINE told the story of his extraordinary life, concert pianist David Helfgott shot to worldwide fame as a unique artistic personality.

HELLO I AM DAVID! is the first ever documentary about this exceptional pianist; born in Australia to Polish refugees, the rest of whose family perished in the Nazi death camps, a wunderkind who shone at the Royal College of Music but whose career seemed to be over after a nervous breakdown and years in obscurity. Yet through the healing power of music and his great love for his wife Gillian, he fought his way back to life and the concert stage. This film, shot by film-maker Cosima Lang during a period of European touring, allows us to get close to David Helfgott's infectious passion and impulsiveness. He plays what he feels, he says what he thinks, and touches people in the true sense of the word.

Pure and direct in both his playing and character – this moving, inspiring film gives us a revealing insight into David Helfgott's personality and life in music. Yet at heart HELLO I AM DAVID! is above all a film about love: The love of life, the love of music - and the compelling love between two people who are as enchanting as they are dissimilar.

Hello I A m David is presented in connection with World Mental Health Day (10 October) and in support of Help Musicians UK to highlight mental health issues facing musicians and people in the music business.

Help Musicians UK is the leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. Amongst other programmes they operate is Music Minds Matter a 24-hour support line. Help Musicians will talk about their work after the film. There will be an opportunity to donate to the great work that Help Musicians UK does to support musicians young and old who may face similar difficulties to David after the film.

After the screening the bar will remain open. Stay and chat for a bit.

Tickets are for unreserved seating.

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