FOCUS ON POLAND at the London International Animation Festival

Survey of contemporary Polish animation

"Danny Boy"


Part 1  28 August 2011 at 2pm
Part 2  29 August 2011 at 3.45pm

Barbican Centre,
Cinema 1,

Silk Street,

London, EC2Y 8DS,

Tickets: £9.50 online (£10.50 full price)

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Drawing from a vast culture of storytelling and fairytales, a deep well of profound historical experiences and an exposure to a multitude of artistic influences, Polish animation has a history, a depth and a diversity that few countries can hope to match.

This survey of contemporary Polish animation showcases how these various forces and influences are playing out in the first decade of the 21st century.

Part 1 28 August 2011 at 2pm

‘Cos W tym gatunku’ (Urszula Palusińska, 2010)
‘Gallery’ (Robert Proch, 2010)
‘Virus’ (Robert Proch, 2009)
‘Dokumanimo’ (Malgorzata Bosek, 2007)
‘Coats’ (Ewa Grzesiak, 2009)
‘Canal’ (Paulina Bobrycz, 2008)
‘Uncle’ (Maciej Sznabel, 2008)
‘Underlife’ (Jaroslaw Konopka, 2010)
‘Danny Boy’ (Marek Skrobecki, 2010)
‘Paths Of Hate’ (Damian Nenow, 2010)

Part 2 29 August 2011 at 3.45pm

'The Ritual’ ( Zbigniew Czapla, 2010)
‘Protozoa’ (Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, 2011)
‘Exit’ (Grzegorz Koncewicz, 2006)
‘Who Would Have Thought?’ (Ewa Borysewicz, 2009)
‘The Razor’ (Grzegorz Koncewicz, 2009)
‘Wywijas’ (Andrzej Jobczyk, 2008)
‘Aquatura’ (Marcin Gizycki, 2010)
‘Millhaven’ (Bartek Kulas, 2010)
‘Ichthys’ (Marek Skrobecki, 2010)
‘The Lost Town of Switez’ (Kamil Polak, 2011)

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