Breaking the Limits by Łukasz Palkowski

Jerzy Górski biopic on UK release this weekend


8 – 10 December, 8.45pm
ODEON Cinemas: Covent Garden; Holloway; Greenwich; Streatham; Lee Valley; Uxbridge the Chimes; Maidenhead; Chatham; Maidstone and more

Breaking the Limits, dir. Łukasz Palkowski, Poland 2017, 108 mins

The fascinating, true-life story of endurance athlete Jerzy Górski. In the 1990 World Triathlon Championships Double Ironman competition he finished with a time of 24:47:46, setting a world record. His story is full of incredible ups and downs, tremendous effort, and unbelievable strength. His achievements would not have been possible without two women in his life. One woman he lost, the other woman inspired him to fight for his life. The extraordinary story of a man who found himself on a verge of self-annihilation only to overcome his addictions and succeed in the most unbelievable way.

On limited release across selected ODEON cinemas.

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