The New Radio Series to learn Polish

Polish Treasure Hunt in Fun Kids Radio


Tune in from 18th – 29th June , Monday to Friday, at 8.30pm and 5pm

To commemorate 100 years of Polish Independence, we are soon launching the new LEARN POLISH series on Fun Kids Radio.
In the new series, we will set off on an exciting treasure hunt and follow in Baron Grindwald’s footsteps to discover the treasures of Poland and learn more about its geography, history, culture and discoveries. Since Baron Grindwald was also a riddler, we’re going to have to solve some of his riddles – testing our knowledge about Poland and famous Poles throughout history.
The 10 audio  and 10 video episodes of the “Polish Treasure Hunt” will be available via the FKR website via free download through the Fun Kids iTunes channel, the Fun Kids app and through Fun Kids YouTube channels.

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