Poland Restored, Reborn, Regained: One Hundred Years On

A Conference on Polish Independence


9 November 2018, 9am
University College London
Bentham House
SB31 Denys Holland Lecture Theatre
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9.00am Registration
9.30am Welcome:
Professor Diane Koenker (Director, UCL SSEES, UK),
1.HE Professor Arkady Rzegocki (Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the UK)
2.Professor Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (College of Europe Natolin, Poland, and UCL SSEES, UK)

10.00 am
Panel 1: Centennial Reflections on Polish Independence and Statehood
Chairperson: Professor Anne White (UCL SSEES, UK)
1.Professor Andrzej Nowak (Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland),
Why is the Problem of Independence so Special in Polish History?
2.Professor Antony Polonsky (Brandeis University, USA),
Polish Statehood and the Jews: Reflections on the Centenary of Polish Independence
3.Professor M. Bolesław B. Biskupski (Central Connecticut State University, USA),
1918. Who Understood Europe:  Wilson or Piłsudski?


11.30 am Tea/Coffee

12.00 pm
Panel 2: Poles and their Neighbours: Regaining and Maintaining Independent Statehood
Chairperson: Dr Katarzyna Zechenter (UCL-SSEES, UK)
4.Professor Tomasz Schramm (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland), Wielkopolska’s Own Way to Independent Poland
5.Professor Anita Prażmowska (LSE, UK),
Polish-Czechoslovak Relations in 1918-1919: The Background to Polish Collaboration with Germany in the Destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1938
6.Dr Thomas Lorman (UCL SSEES, UK),
The Search for an Alternative: Slovak-Polish Relations, 1914-1920


1.30 pm Lunch

2.30 pm
Panel 3: From the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the Second Republic of Poland
Chairperson: Professor Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (College of Europe Natolin, Poland, and UCL SSEES, UK)
7.Professor Joanna Gierowska-Kałłaur (Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)
Death-Agony and Birth Pangs: Inheritors of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania under German Occupation 1915-1918
8.Dr Hubert Zawadzki (Abingdon, UK)
The Experiences of a Polish Family in the Eastern Borderlands (1914-1921): The Protassewiczes of Borki

3.30 pm Tea/Coffee

4.00 pm
Panel 4: From Three Empires to One Nation-State
Chairperson: Dr Thomas Lorman (UCL SSEES, UK)
9.Dr Katarzyna Zechenter (UCL SSEES, UK)
The Topos of Suffering in Independent Poland: Contradiction or Acceptance?
10.Dr Andrzej Suchcitz (Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum, London, UK),
The Forging of the Polish Army 1918-1919
11.Dr James Bjork (KCL, UK)
From Empires to Nation-State:  Re-Making Roman Catholicism in Independent Poland

5.30 pm Close of the Conference

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