Peter and the Wolf in live on stage


28 – 30 December 2009
Royal Festival Hall
Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

Peter and the Wolf is a brilliant piece of music and a story that has
deeply resonated with children across the decades. It is a classic
from a great composer. It is also versatile, with many narrators,
orchestras and fi lm-makers having been captivated enough by
the piece to honour it with a new interpretation. It captivated
me, the director Suzie Templeton and our amazing team of
Polish designers and animators, led by Marek Skrobecki and
Adam Wrywas, enough to spend fi ve years in fi lm studios in
Łódź making this fi lm version of Peter & the Wolf, which is now an
Oscar-winner, and enough for me to continue to be excited about
presenting it to families around the world. Now Simon Armitage’s new
script, commissioned especially for these performances by Southbank
Centre and performed by Burn Gorman, renews this classic once more.
Model production designer Jacek Spychalski delved into the treasure
box of artwork and materials from the fi lm, to allow you deep into the
world of the fi lm, deeper into the music and out into the forest beyond.
Hugh Welchman, producer of the fi lm Peter & the Wolf

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