Dining with Copernicus!

Exclusive & Exquisite Dining Experience!


18-19 September 2018, 7pm

55 Princess Gate

Exhibition Road

SW7 2PN London

Drinks Reception followed by a six course Dinner inspired by Polish Renaissance Cuisine. A journey into the alchemy, science and history of the humors, food and the stars, featuring Theatrical  Performances, Music and Guest Speakers.


Brought to you by the Celebrity Chef Łukasz Konik and
 Professor Jarosław Dumanowski, Food Historian at the 
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland.

Cold starter:

Pike à la Polska (late 15th c. recipe)


Beer soup (late 16th c. recipe)

Warm starter:

Pierogi (Ravioli Dumplings) filled with Mutton (16th c. recipe)


Summer Fruit Sorbet with Flower vinegar

Main course:

Goose with apples and sauce à la Copernicus (Recipe from the oldest printed European cookbook)


Polish ‘cannoli’ with whipped cream and rosemary (from the English 16th c.  and Polish 17th c. recipes)

Drink – To include:

Cocktails using Traditional Polish Vodkas

Polish Honey wine,

A selection of Polish Herb Vodkas designed to cure all known ills

This event is part of the Polish independence centenary celebrations  


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