Astronomer’s Ball at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

An evening of astronomy, comedy and music on the Prime Meridian of the world.

? Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers, Inc.

22 October, 6.30 – 10pm
Royal Observatory Greenwich

Blackheath Avenue 
London SE10 8XJ
Age: 18+
Tickets: £12
Box office: 020 8312 6608
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To celebrate the first ever London Science Festival the Royal Observatory Greenwich has teamed up with the Polish Cultural Institute for an evening of astronomy, comedy and music on the Prime Meridian of the world. Participants will mingle with some of Europe’s top stargazers and find out about astronomy past, present and future with a range of talks, planetarium shows, exhibitions and activities around the Royal Observatory’s historic buildings.
The event will focus on the efforts of European scientists and visionaries to expand our horizons and explore the cosmos - from the heart of the atom to the furthest edge of the Universe. Guest speakers include scientists Emma Sanders (CERN), Joanna Molenda-Żakowicz (University of Wrocław), Grzegorz Żakowicz, and Andrew Pontzen (University of Oxford) alongside well-known comedians Robin Ince and Helen Keen with music from the Alan Weekes Trio and DJ Count Sizzle.
Actors will tell the stories of Polish astronomers Hevelius and Copernicus and there will be opportunities to see the stars and to touch rocks from space, in the form of the Observatory’s meteorite collection.
The Astronomer’s Ball is presented in conjunction with the London Science Festival, Guerrilla Science  and Secret Productions, organisers of the Secret Garden Party music festival, with generous support from DFDS Seaways.

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